The Warsaw First

United Methodist Church

Our Leader, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem, he has no real formal education, but thousands of Universities claim him as their mentor.  He never held a public office and yet almost all politicians in the United States claim he's their buddy.  He never wrote a book, but hundreds of thousands of books have been written about him.  He is the founder of many hospitals, charitable organizations, and whole systems of Psychology.  His life recently inspired a Hollywood movie which set many box office records. 

Always controversial, and always trend setting, he is currently involved in efforts to bring world peace, an end to hunger and universal justice to all people.

He enjoys fishing and music.



Our Pastor, Lauren Turner, has gone to school forever, but he still can't remember to tie his shoes.  He has written several books, but no publishers will print them.  His political career has been limited (he's participated in voting at least).  His deep Philosophical insights and stunning observations of human behavior have had great influence...well, some influence...well they influenced this web site anyway...

Pastor Lauren enjoys music, children and performing slight of hand.




Morning Worship - 9:30 AM

Sunday School for all ages - 11:00AM



Church Office : 786-5570

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Church Secretary, Jan Kelsey




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