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Advice for all Exercises

You will learn the laws faster and they will effect you life more if you spend a few moments working on the exercises for each lesson.   The laws will do you no good if they stay on this web site.  It's only when they stay in your head and heart and begin to effect the decisions you make that you will notice a significant change happening in your life.

These exercises are not for the weak.  They pull no punches and can be brutal at times.

Each exercise can be completed from anywhere between 10 minutes and several days.  Some of these exercises can and should be done repeatedly.  They are not unlike physical exercises.  Doing pushups once will do far less good than doing them regularly for months..

Each person will find different exercises more or less difficult.  Everyone is different and each person has different strengths and weaknesses.  It is wise to work in both the areas of our strengths and weaknesses. 

Usually even the most troubled people don't have an endless list of weaknesses.  Instead of many different problems popping up regularly, people generally have one or two problems which happen over and over.

These exercises are designed to point out your areas of greatest weakness.   It is not uncommon to find one huge mistake you make over and over.  When you find this mistake and make just one change your entire life can turn around.  Don't get too hopeful too fast, however.  Usually when we have one mistake that is having such a tremendous negative effect on our life...there is a reason we haven't noticed it before.  Usually we haven't wanted to notice... We don't want to give up a favorite sin, for example.  Change doesn't come without a cost.  But the rewards are worth far more.

But don't neglect your areas of strength either.  God gave you these gifts and there is no reason why you can't improve these areas even more.  Generally the person most amazed by your accomplishments will be you.

To complete the exercises most effectively, get away from any distractions.  If you can't do this around your computer, print out the exercises on paper and go somewhere where you can.  Shut your mind off from all deadlines, responsibilities...anything that may block your mind and heart.  You may say you don't have the time to do this, but, bear in mind the time you invest will get you to reorder your priorities, drop many wasteful uses of your time and may just increase your free time ten fold.  You will get from these exercises what you put into them.  No Pain: No Gain.

The exercises are downloadable as a text document.  You can pull these up on your computer and type in the answers to the questions.  This will help you to record your progress and possibly begin some new habits of self introspection and communicating with God that will continue after you complete them.  Bear in mind that as you start to answer each question it will take some time for your mind to "unlock".   Some of the questions will be simple...others will require a great deal of thought and you may find your mind going blank.  In these cases start to scribble on your paper or type whatever comes to your mind while thinking about the question.  You will be amazed how quickly things will start to come into your mind.


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