Does This Picture Look Evil to You?

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After viewing scenes from my website some of my parishioners said that they thought the picture above looked "evil".  I was told I should have smiled, that the right eye looked sinister and the hand looked like a claw.

As you can see from the picture at the left, my ordinary appearance isn't all that impressive. I kind of liked the picture above myself...thought it looked "spiritual". The "claw-like" hand as you can see is actually just me holding my suit jacket.

Truth is, I think it's just me.  Kids and animals usually like me right away, but adults usually can sense something about me that's just plain evil.  I think maybe it's my lack of eyebrows or those subversive groups like the United Methodist Church that I associate with. 

Nevertheless after some though I did remember that I had a few pictures that look a little less sinister.  The picture to the right is a picture of me before I turned evil...I had to go back a few years to find one. 

 I also considered the picture to the left but I'm worried that the physical contact with the woman by my side may start a scandal.  For the record, yes, we were romantically involved and it was fairly serious.  My wicked, wicked ways started very early...

This is the picture that will probably get me in the most trouble with the press.  My musical talent started very early.  At the age of three I actually invented Rap can clearly see this in the picture.  Naturally I'm very embarrassed by this now, but, we all do wild and crazy things when we're young.


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