2. Submit to God – (FAITH)

Once we have accepted that we are not God, we can begin turning our problems over to God.  When our own God-like ability illusion is gone it is like scales falling from our eyes so we can see new answers.  This stage involves changing from telling God what to do, to listening to God tell us what to do.  This makes tremendous sense as God has more knowledge and experience than us and is much better qualified to solve our problems.

Turning the rulership of our life to God is essential, but it’s not unlike signing papers to give someone power of attorney over all your finances.  You won’t do it with a stranger or someone you don’t trust.  Thus “Faith” is essential before this can happen.  God’s solutions are often complex and take time to be effective.  They are often confusing at first.  If we turn back and forth between God and our old ways we will get nowhere.  The type of faith we need must be deep and long lasting.

This is never easy.  God sets very hard terms. God insists on being...well... “God”...  God refuses to play second fiddle to anything.  God will inevitably ask us to give up some of our most cherished things (as these are inevitably the root of most of our problems).  If we really want to change we must make God our focus, our dream and our greatest love.  If we love God but continue to dream of things God has asked us to give up we are setting ourselves up for either failure or misery.

Saying “yes” to the woman or man you marry, means saying “no” to anyone else from that day forth.  Saying “Yes” to God means saying “no” to all other gods...including such things as greed, lust, power, etc.


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