Greetings Friends,

It would be silly to imply that one can begin to discuss the infinity of God or even scratch the surface of spirituality on a web site that one can view entirely in less than an hour, but after working with people for more than 25 years I can honestly say that the material you will find here can be very helpful.

The Nine Great Laws can be learned in moments but pondered for a lifetime.  I come from a Christian background myself, but the laws are simple enough that anyone can begin to grasp them at once...whatever your background may be.

Each law is very simple.  My entire discussion of some of them is only two paragraphs long....but, the more astute among you will discover that you can grow in your understanding of them for the rest of your life.

Feel free to browse, but this site is designed so that if you study everything in order you will easily have them memorized by the time you finish.  To really have these laws effect you, study just one a day.  None of them take more than 10 minutes to read and some only 30 seconds. If you begin to apply them to your life you will see amazing changes. 

I encourage you to read the introduction today and then return tomorrow to read the first law. 

This site was inspired by the pain I feel as I watch people needlessly suffer.  I hope it will help you.

God Bless,

Pastor Lauren


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