Law #5

Relationship with God 

Truly accepting God as God is more than just an intellectual decision.  It involves the heart, mind, soul and strength.  Jesus said that the most important of all commands is to love God.  As mentioned earlier, it is particularly hard to change our feelings.  There is not a simple on/off switch, which controls them.  We can no more simply choose to start loving God than we can choose to fall in love with a total stranger.  While physical attraction can be instantaneous, real love requires a bit of intimacy.  A couple falls in love by spending time together...especially time alone... they share their deepest feelings and secrets... they make commitments to one another and honor them.  As trust and intimacy grows so does the love grow.

The same is true of God.  You can’t fall in love with God if God is a stranger.  Likewise just as an affair can destroy the intimacy in a marriage, having multiple “gods” can destroy your intimacy with God.  If you really honor God, place God above all things and spend time with God, …intimacy will develop.  It will give your life meaning and fulfillment.  Spending time with God on a daily basis through prayer and devotions is an essential habit to develop if you want to form a relationship with God.  It is important to listen to God as well as speak to God.  Hearing God’s voice takes time.  It is not unlike a baby learning to understand human speech.  At first it may just be aware of it’s parents love, but, with time and practice the communication can grow and become much more effective.  (See the 4th Great Law for more on this)

If someone gives you advice and you do the exact opposite of what they suggest, it shows that you don’t value their judgment. One of the major blocks to intimacy with God is that we ignore what God is telling us and continue to direct our own lives.  If we want to honor God we will do what God says.

Law #6 - The Love Balance

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