Vital Habit #4


The second habit has to do with one of the 10 commandments... “Honor the Sabbath”.  This involves taking one day a week to rest and recharge our batteries.  Each person must do this differently, but the goal is always the same... “To rest and recharge”.  Some need to vegetate in front of a television; others recharge best by playing tennis.  It is vital that we don’t try to disguise work as “play” and deceive ourselves.  If any activity causes us stress or wears us out mentally or physically it should be avoided.  Spending a little uninterrupted time with God is the best way of all to recharge.   As mentioned above, God’s voice is often like a whisper that we can’t really hear until we shut everything else off. Once we remove the stress and pressures that seem to dominate our thoughts on other days, God can speak to us more clearly.  


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